Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

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Board Game

Round Sequence Summary

Round sequence crib sheet | Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island | BoardGameGeek -

by Lutz Pietschker (PunTheHun)

My Notes

This I missed:

  • The original 12 event cards were all event cards, including the ones with adventure icons. It is obvious after rereading the words, but I kept thinking only book icons were adventure icons. The confusion is because it says adventure cards are discarded. Adventure cards are different than event cards with adventure icons.
  • On that note, we were playing the adventure icons wrong anyway. Any time we had an event with an adventure icon, we were supposed to put out the adventure icon token onto the appropriate adventure cards stack (building/gathering/exploring). This effect means that we have to still pull an adventure card, even if we use both pawns. If we only use one pawn, and fail the adventure dice, we will still only pull one adventure card.
  • Discarded invention cards just get shuffled back into the invention deck. They are not destroyed.
  • The top moral track says to take 2 determination tokens or 1 health (not both)
  • When multiple players put pawns onto an action, that is not rest or camp, players chose one pawn as the primary, and the second as only a support pawn, which uses and affects only the primary pawn.
  • Personal inventions can only be built by the individual who has them, but then anyone can use them. And that player gets 2 determination tokens for building it.
  • Actions all happen simultaneously, but are resolved in order, which means resources were to have been assigned out during planning. Resources gathered / lost from other actions have no affect until end of action phase. Meaning we could have used the rope to build and have lost it from the thread card earlier. But we could not get wood from a thread card to build something else. The one exception is determination tokens, which can be used immediately.
  • When gathering or exploring with 1 space away (not adjacent), it requires one more pawn.
  • You can place both of your pawns on arranging the camp or rest action, and benefit twice.
  • Modification tokens (eg. 1+ required pawn) on action fields are discarded after resolving. Modification tokens anywhere else (island tiles, shelters, etc) generally are permanent.
  • When multiple things say to roll a weather dice, you still only roll the weather dice once
  • Several things about building shelters and moving them
  • We should have used the dog for 3 players
  • The dog and Friday rules

2016 Game of the Year Edition

GAMA Trade Show Interviews: Portal Games -

  • Description of GOTY edition (based on Polish version)

Portal Games Robinson Crusoe (Game of the Year Ed.) at GAMA 2016 -

Expected to be published in September 2016