Terra Mystica

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House Notes

  • power: have to empty bowl 1 before moving power from bowl 2 to 3
  • shovels aquired at cult round end bonus do not get to build dwellings yet
  • shovels/spades have to be used on direct/indirect adjacent terrain
  • one structure max per action
  • favor tiles: you can only have 1 uniqute of each
  • power: when you build directly adjacent to another player, you must inform them they can take power
  • power: when gaining from other's buildings, may choose to take with tax VP penalty of cumulative - 1
  • power: may not go negative vp when taking tax
  • cult track: may only go to 10 if you have a town key. multiple keys need to do multiple 10s
  • cult track: priests may be lost to gain 3 or 2 bonus spaces, or returned to pool for 1 bonus space
  • power conversion: may convert any number at any time during turn (not an action)
  • sacrifice power: move 1 lose another in bowl 2 (takes 2)
  • bonus cards: place 1 coin on each remaining at end of round
  • start player: goes to person who takes first bonus card each round
  • end game bonus cards: do not take one at end of round 6
  • bonus card: place face down to indicate you have passed
  • towns: auto when 4(3) structures of 7 power directly adjacent
  • power from building: calculate your building values adjacent to opponent who built upgrade
  • mark new town with town token
  • end of round cult bonus - can get multiple if high enough on related track
  • cult bonus spade - apply immediately, in next round turn order
    • may not build dwellings or pay for more during cult bonus phase
    • may apply to different "adjacent" spaces if more than 1
    • giants still require 2 to use, so may just forfeit


  • cult scoring: cannot score if still on 0
  • cult tie scoring: divide evenly (rounded down) among tied players
  • area scoring: direct & indirect count - structure count
  • end tie: tied winners (no tie breaker)
  • 1 vp per 3 coins (convert resources now)


  • Halfling (brown) - expand by cheap +vp - largest area, shovles (easy race)
  • Dwarves (gray) - expand by tunnling, +4P tunnel - largest area if not against brown (easy race)


  • Question: Do Darklings get 2 VP for using shovel bare, or only when using priests for shovel?