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Shared Content

Campaign Content Sharing and You – D&D Beyond https://dndbeyond.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011257067-Campaign-Content-Sharing-and-You

"We originally announced that a DM has to unlock the content in order to share, but that is no longer the case - anyone in that campaign can unlock content and share it with the other people in that campaign as long as one person (doesn't have to be the DM) has a Master Tier subscription and has used it to toggle content sharing on for that campaign."

12 active character limit


"We're pleased to announce a change to campaign content sharing! The 12 active character limit has been replaced by a 12 active PLAYER limit! Have up to 12 active players with up to 99 characters in your campaign. More details can be found in our Changelog: https://www.dndbeyond.com/changelog/543-campaign-character-limit-updates "

Tool Tips


D&D Beyond offers the ability to link certain aspects on the forum in mouse-over triggered tooltips, such as magic items, monsters or combat actions - examples being Adult Black Dragon and dash. To create tooltips in this way as these, use the appropriate [tag][/tag] around the desired subject.

Example: [ magicitem]sunblade[/ magicitem]   (Without spaces within the [ ] brackets.)

Use the following within the [ ][/ ] bracket system:

action - an action taken in combat - e.g. dodge, search and ready
condition - a condition afflicted upon a creature - e.g. restrained, poisoned and prone
item - a mundane item - e.g. torch, trident and backpack
magicItem - a magical item - e.g. Bag of Holding, Dust of Disappearance and Demon Armor
monster - a creature you can encounter - e.g. Banshee, Bandit and Unicorn
sense - a type of extra sense, whether magical or natural - e.g. darkvision, tremorsense and truesight
skill - this is used for professions - e.g. Persuasion, Stealth
spell - a magical spell - e.g.  Mage Hand, Magic Missile and Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting
wprop - a property of a weapon - e.g. finesse, versatile and heavy

You can simulate dice rolls too with the [ roll] tag, but the workings of it are more complex. You can find the thread here detailing its use.




Custom Magic Weapons - Favorites

  • Bonus - Armor Class - Bonus to AC
  • Bonus - Magic - Standard +1 To Hit and Damage
  • Replace Damage Type - Slashing - Replace Damage Type
  • Damage - Slashing (fixed value) - Add a Damage type
  • Ignore Weapon Property - Versatile - Drop the Versatile property of a Longsword
  • Replace Damage Type - Fire - Replace Damage Type

Custom Magic Weapons - Modifiers List


  • Ability Checks, Ability Score Maxiumum, AC Max Dex Modify, Acrobatics..., Armor Class, LOTS...


  • Ability Checks, Acrobatics, Attack Rolls Against You, etc...


  • Acid, Bludgeoning, ...

Set Base :

  • Blindsight, Darkvision, Tremorsense, Truesight


  • AC Max Dex Armored Modifier, ..., Armor Class, ..., CHA Score, ..., Extra Attacks, ..., Innate Speed, Unarmed Damage Die, ...

Half Proficiency
Half Proficiency Round Up

  • Ability Checks, Acrobatics, Alchemist's Supplies, etc...


  • Aarakocra, ...


  • Actor, Alert, ...

Carrying Capacity:

  • Gargantuan, Huge, Large, ...

Natural Weapon

  • Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing

Stealth Disadvantage:
Speed Reduction:

  • Impose, Remove

Melee Weapon Attack:
Ranged Weapon Attack:

  • Acid, Bludgeoning, ...

Weapon Property

  • Finesse, Heavy, Light, Loading, Range, Reach, Thrown, Two-Handed, Versatile

Favored Enemy:

  • Aberrations, ...


  • Dual Wield Light Restrictions, Dual Wield Modifier Restrictions, Heavy Armor Speed Reduction, Unarmored Dex AC Bonus, Unarmored Dex Natural AC Bonus

Eldritch Blast

  • Bonus Damage, Bonus Range

Replace Damage Type

  • Acid, Bludgeoning, ...

Twice Proficiency

  • Ability Checks, Acrobatics, Alchemist's Supplies, etc...

Protection -

  • 0 HP

Stacking Bonus -

  • CHA Score, CON, DEX, INT, STR, WIS...

Ignore Weapon Property - Versatile - Drop the Versatile property of a Longsword

  • Finesse, Heavy, Light, Loading, Range, Reach, Thrown, Two-Handed, Versatile

Custom Magic Weapons - Not What You Want

  • Bonus - Melee Weapon Attacks - Extra To Hit to *all* melee weapons

Can't get to work:

  • Melee Weapon Attack - Necrotic
  • Protection - 0 HP
  • Melee Weapon Attack - Force