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Turn Order Advantage

"When one player builds his last stone, the remaining players in that round still get their last turn. So all players will get the same number of turns.

At the end of that turn, if more than one player has completed his final stone, the normal game tie-breaker of most remaining crystals is used to decide the winner.

Therefore more than one player could potentially place the last remaining 12 crystal stone to be eligible for the tie-breaker.

I think, this actually adds a bit more tension in that players need to be aware of not only having the crystals necessary to complete the obelisk, but also having enough crystals left over to win a potential tie-breaker.

It also rewards the player who has accummulated the most crystals. This seems to me like a reasonable way to decide the winner."

"this doesn't eliminate the advantage - it only reduces it somewhat. The first player will still have the opportunity to contribute the last batch to the obelisk at a cheaper price, and thus is most likely to have more crystals left over for the tie-breaker.

also, if all spots have been filled, how should the other players be allowed to offer a batch themselves? Should they be given the opportunity to pay 12? Should each successive batch cost +1?"

"it's true that the first person would still have the advantage of placing a stone in the obelisk for a lesser value, but most games that I have played seem to come down to at least two players ready to end the game on the same turn. This would give them an opportunity to place the last stone they need to given the same number of turns each.

the way I see it is that each player is eligible to place the last stone on the obelisk for a value of 12 crystals. This makes all players that placed the required number of crystals eligible for the tie-breaker of most crystals. It would seems to reinforce the turn order advantage to have to pay an additional crystals(+1, +2 or 13, 14) on the last round if you happen to be the second or third player to place the 12th stone in the obelisk in the same round.

I guess you could increase the cost for each, but I think doing so really changes the game more than I really intended. No one plans to pay 13 or more for a stone so I don't think anyone should need to. "

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