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Burgle Bros.

Official FAQ

Official Frequently Asked Questions | Burgle Bros. | BoardGameGeek -


Hacker Token Limit

Q: Hacker Advanced Ability - Can he have multiple tokens?

On the advanced side of the Hacker, it states "You can add a hack token to yourself for one action (limit 1)"

Does that (limit 1) mean:

  • You can only do this once per turn OR
  • Does it mean he can only have a max limit of 1 hack token on him.

Question about The Hacker | Burgle Bros. | BoardGameGeek -

Hacker "he can only have one token on him" [1]

Multiple Alarms

Q: Can there be two alarms on a tile?

A: No. A second alarm on the same tile is not triggered if there is already an alarm token on it.

Source: FAQ -

Starting Tile

Q: When entering a new floor for the first time, does the tile trigger when you move into it?

A: Yes, except for at the start of the game, entering the first floor. Also you can peek before moving up.


Q: For how long does the starting tile remain inactive?

A: Answer: Just for the first action of the first turn for each player

Lost Visual

Q: When playing with the Lost Visual cards and drawing new guard location and destination cards, is the guard supposed to start moving that same turn or stay at his location until the next turn?

A: (answer by Tim Fowers): That same turn. The Lost Visual cards are designed to make the patrol deck a little bit harder and unpredictable


Q: "Once per turn as a free action you may pick up an active alarm on your tile and draw a new Patrol card OR discard your alarm token to trigger an alarm"

I'm having a hard time determining what this means, but think I might have it. The alarm token that I pick up to redraw a new patrol card, goes on my character card which I can place later in another spot? If I already have an alarm token on my card, then I must place it somewhere before picking up another one?

A: Yes? Unofficial response.

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