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Game description from the publisher:

Scofflaws are brawling in the streets of Deadwood. The railroad is being built, and to you and the other gangs in the badlands of South Dakota, this means one thing: cold, hard cash. As a cowboy on the wrong side of the law you know just how to take control of this shanty-town: threaten, fight, and kill off your rivals.

Deadwood is a wild-and-wooly board game with a quick and deadly twist on classic worker placement games. Your gang consists of three different classes of cowboys with different strengths: greenhorns, gunslingers, and trail bosses. Cowboys ride into town to gain control of (annex) buildings and fight other gangs' cowboys in shootouts.

At the beginning of the game, the town of Deadwood consists of the Town Hall, the Church, the Sheriff's Office, the Saloon, and four other randomly drawn buildings. Additional buildings are constructed whenever a cowboy annexes the Town Hall. Each building has at least one unique ability that is used immediately, with some buildings offering more long-term advantages.

A cowboy accesses these advantages by controlling the building. To gain control a player simply places one of his gang on a building tile, "annexing" it. Other gang leaders can try to gain control of your buildings through shootouts. The player that instigates the shootout receives a Wanted Poster token; the more cowboys you try to kill off, the more Wanted Poster tokens you collect, and the higher the fine you must pay at the end of the game.

Deadwood can end one of three ways: the Train Station is placed on the board once the railroad is built and completed, there are no more Wanted Poster tokens in the Crime Pool, or any player has no more cowboys alive. The player with the most cash at the end of the game is the winner!


Designer: Loïc Lamy [1]


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Town Hall - What If No Wanted Posters

Q: The first action is to return one of your wanted posters to the box. If you have no wanted posters may you skip the first action, even though it states you must perform all 3 of them?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): you discard 1 wanted poster if you have it, if not, you can do the other actions of the town hall. [2]

Town Hall Question -


Q: I actually prefer the rule interpretation where you MUST have a wanted poster in order to annex the Town Hall; that way, you can't just have 5 people in a row pick it and end the game as fast as possible.

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): You cannot go there if there is someone - so, it will not be so fast. And, when I see a rich player going again and again to the town hall, I send there a level 3 cowboy, or I block the town hall with the help of the sheriff. [3]


Q: Does anyone think it's too easy to just keep annexing it and end the game quickly? No money, but you get to give back a wanted poster and place a railroad track plus 3 buildings. If a player falls behind I wonder if he'll just keep annexing this tile to get the game over with....

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): How can you "keep annexing it" ? When you leave it, one can come and block it. If you do not leave it, you can not annex it anymore. But, when one has many more money than the other, of course this is a good strategy to go as much as you can to the town hall. [4]

Sherif and Annex

Q: Do you have to move the sheriff when you use the sheriff's office? For that matter, do you have to annex buildings that you go on, or can you just control them?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): In the rules, this is "can". So, you can go to a building and not annex it. So you can not move the sherif. [5]

or umm...

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): You have to move the sheriff [6]

Deadwood Name

Q: the designers surely must have been aware that there was a major TV series of the same name, and that their game bears no relation to it. A rather cheap marketing trick if you ask me, which in all likelihood has backfired on them!

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): This is not the designer job to chose the title of the game... [7]

Dead is Dead

Q: Dance Hall - ANNEX: When a player annexes the Dance Hall, he takes $1 from the supply. � Then he may remove one or two of his cowboys (including the cowboy at the Dance Hall) from anywhere on the game board and return them to his Ranch. Does anywhere include Boot Hill?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): When a cowboy is dead, he is dead, even a beautiful girl can not wake him up. [8]

Cowboys on Boot Hill cannot be used again for the rest of the game. Once cowboys are sent to Boot Hill, they can’t ever leave Rest in Peace

Railroad Adjacency

Q: The use of "adjacent" in the rulebook.

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): Adjacent means adjacent to the square where is the railroad tile, so the 6 adjacent squares (imagine you have hexagons). [9]

Destroyed Hotel

Q: You can remove a building by placing a railroad tile of it. If this building is the Hotel, does the owner get his $2 for the Railroad tile before it is removed ?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): You do not win money with the destroyed hotel. [10]

Adjacent Hotel

Q: if the Hotel remains standing and adjacent to the Railroad do you get $4 (or $8 in the case of the Train Station)?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): With the hotel, you win money EVEN if the railroad is not adjacent. So when it is adjacent, you win the same that if it is not adjacent, so 2$ with the railway, 4$ the station. [11]

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): you do not win 4$ with a railroad tile adjacent to the building. [12]

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): An other way to say this is "when you place a railroad tile or the train station, you active the annex ability of the hotel regardless of where is the Hotel" [13]

Adjacent Bank

Q: If I control the BANK and someone places the Train Station tile adjacent to it and I choose to annex it twice (because of the Train Station being placed adjacent to it), what do I receive?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): you [can] annex it twice, and you receive 10$ and 2 wanted tokens [14]

Carson City vs. Deadwood?

Deadwood is what I would consider Carson City 'light'. Deadwood has the same western theme and they are both worker placement but, they 'feel' very different when playing. Deadwood is a much faster playing game. Your turn goes much faster becasue there isn't as much to consider as there is in Carson City. The point system in Deadwood is much simpler. The gunfights are fun, but when your cowboys get shot there's no way to get them back. In Carson City they recycle. If you are looking for a western themed game with similarities to Carson City that plays in a fraction of the time or just a good filler game this one will fit the bill. [15]

Finally got around to playing Deadwood last night. While there are similarities with Carson City I would never play it instead of CC. Deadwood is much more about the dueling aspect of the game. In Carson City you could easily go an entire game without dueling, while in Deadwood you'd almost certainly lose. Also, while you're earning income in Carson City every turn by holding on to valuable property, in Deadwood it's more about taking money from single actions. [16]

Placing Train Station

Q: When placing the train station, (1) Does it have to go at the end of the railroad? (2) Can it be placed over an existing building like the rails or does it have to be placed in an empty plot like other buildings?

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): Yes, it has to be at the end of the railroad (on one of the red squares), and Yes, it can be placed over an existing building. [17]

The game board shows the town of Deadwood. It is divided into a number of square PLOTS. Each plot can hold one BUILDING. Silhouettes and stars in the top three rows show where buildings are placed at the start of the game. � The row with red plots shows all possible plots where the Train Station can be built. The bottom four rows show all possible routes for the railroad.

Courthouse's annex ability

Q: Courthouse's annex ability reads as follow:

ANNEX: When a player annexes the Courthouse, all players (including himself) must pay $1 to the supply for each wanted poster he holds. If a player cannot pay this fine, or if he chooses not to, he must take one wanted poster from the Crime Pool (regardless of the number of posters that he currently has).

My doubt is, in what order players choosing if paying the fine or take the wanted poster? Sometime this can have an impact, i.e. there are few Wanted Posters in the Crime Pool.

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): You're right, this is not written in the rules. This is specified for the town hall (the player who activated the town hall choose in which order we activate the building), so, same rule here : the one who activate the court house chooses the order. [18]

Game End Condition - Dead Cowboys

Q: The rules state that one of the game end conditions is when all of one player's Cowboys are dead. The rules do not clarify if this means in a player's ranch and in play...or if it also includes his cowboys in supply.

A: Loic Lamy (Designer): This does not include the cowboys in supply. Players must think before attacking one player last cowboy : if he dies, the richest player will win... Same thing when attacking a player with only two cowboys : if you win, the richest will try and kill his last cowboy. [19]

Shootout Probabilities

The probabilities are that of killing your opponent given the number of dice rolled. For example if you're rolling 4 dice to your opponents 2 then you have a 75% chance of killing him while he has a 19% chance of killing you. The table is symmetrical, so reverse the numbers if the dice are the other way. [20]

1 vs 1: 0.17 -- 0.17
2 vs 1: 0.42 -- 0.14
2 vs 2: 0.37 -- 0.37
3 vs 1: 0.63 -- 0.10
3 vs 2: 0.59 -- 0.28
3 vs 3: 0.50 -- 0.50
4 vs 1: 0.77 -- 0.06
4 vs 2: 0.75 -- 0.19
4 vs 3: 0.67 -- 0.36
4 vs 4: 0.55 -- 0.55 

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