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Campaign I: The Mystery of the Golden Watch

Case 1 - A Man with a Golden Watch

Discover the mysterious history of a watch stolen in Poland during World War II.
[...] during the investigation, our team has determined, that
- Rupert Owens found the watch beneath the floorboards of the porch of his family home.
- Rupert Owens got the watch from his mother.
- Rupert Owens bought the watch in a pawn shop.
- We don’t know where Rupert Owens got the watch.
[...] we have also concluded that Marcus Owens, the father of Rupert Owens, was the previous owner of the watch, which
- he bought from Horatio Dawson.
- he stole from Dawson’s house.
- he got from Henry Giles in exchange for silence.
- We don’t know how he got.
[...] at some point the watch was in the possession of Horatio Dawson, and we believe, that
- he brought it back as a memento of the campaign in Europe.
- he received it as a bribe while stationed at Brenner Pass.
- he received it as a thank-you for saving a life during a shooting in Sicily.
- We don’t know how he got it.
[...] as for where Kurt Blutholz got the watch, our team was able to deduce, that
- he stole it from one of his patients.
- he stole it from the museum in Posen.
- he received it as payment for sparing the life of a rich Jewish prisoner.
- We don’t know where he got it.

Additional Questions...

"Those findings conclude our investigation in the matter of the golden watch." Delaware sends you an email with some additional questions. First of all, were you able to determine, who might have killed Horatio Dawson?”
- Henry Giles
- Marcus Owens
- None of the above.
- We don’t know.
“And from what I can see in Mr. Dawson’s file, he was a soldier in the 7th Army. Do you know about any officer that might have been involved with Dawson?”
- Sergeant Michael Slater
- Colonel Samuel Brown
- General Henry Brown
- We don’t know.

Case 2 - A Soldier with a Heart of Gold

Revisit a case decades old, and learn the truth about a murder that remains unexplained all these years later.
[...] during the investigation, our team has determined that Horatio Dawson was murdered by
- Jeremiah Coxxon
- Gregory Coxxon
- Richard Briggs
- Samuel Brown
- We don’t know.
[...] we have also concluded that Horatio Dawson was killed because
- he was threatening to blackmail someone.
- he was at his home during a robbery.
- he was attempting a hostile takeover.
- he was having an affair.
- We don’t know why.
[...] what’s more, the police investigation into the murder was carried out incompletely due to the influence of
- the Veteran Protections company.
- the Fortis Industries company.
- the GetForce company.
- the Whitemoore Attorneys company.
- We don’t know.

Additional Questions...

Delaware sends you an email with some additional questions. “What have you determined concerning Henry Giles’ death during the arrest?”
- It was an accident during the arrest.
- It was a reaction to the aggressive behavior of the suspect.
- It was a murder during the arrest.
- We don’t know.
Do you know why Samuel Brown dropped charges against Horatio Dawson?”
- He didn’t want anyone to dig into his past in the army.
- He had a soft spot for Dawson.
- He was preoccupied with selling his company, GetForce.
- We don’t know.

“Outstanding.” Delaware takes the report from your hand. “Let’s go through it together, shall we?”

“First of all, the death of Mr. Dawson.”

“You believe he was murdered by Gregory Coxxon. He had the motive and an opportunity. He surprised Dawson. Indeed, that is most certainly what happened.

“My own investigation, and parallel analysis of your findings, leaves no room for doubt. Horatio Dawson was murdered by Gregory Coxxon. All evidence points to him. I will request that the police arrest him. That is certainly going to be a huge story in the media. We are going to need the skills of the best prosecutor Richmond has to offer - Isabel Wedford.”

“In the meantime, let’s prepare the best case we can for her. We need to determine the murderer’s motive.”

“You think that it was blackmail. That Dawson was threatening the murderer in some way, and that ultimately led to his death. That seems most likely.”

“It may not be immediately clear, but I believe Dawson knew something that was a threat to the Coxxon family, or to be more precise, their reputation. A young, ambitious politician felt especially threatened. He felt blackmailed and decided to act. He probably didn’t plan to murder Dawson, most likely just bribe him, silence him, but he must have changed his mind.”

“However, the most peculiar thing about this case is the following investigation; or rather, the lack thereof.”

“You determined that it was the Veteran Protections company that botched the efforts of the police. That seems right.”

“I think that Veteran Protections was present in Richmond at that time. Coxxon Jr. was the owner so he probably recruited a couple of loyal operatives, both army veterans that were police officers. He must have used his money and influence to close this case quickly.”

“Well done detectives. Thanks to you, a dangerous man will face justice. Grab something to drink tonight, will you?”

You leave Delaware’s office, exit the building, and reach your favorite pub. A few hours later the news broke. All of the TV stations are reporting that Gregory Coxxon was arrested for murder. A few moments later Antares is mentioned. You feel proud, but deep down you know that this is just the beginning of a long and tough trial. Your job, however, is done.

Case 3 - Blockade

Stop a maniac who's terrorizing the city and save an innocent girl!
[...] during the investigation, our team has determined that the girl was kidnapped by an individual named
- Walter Frey
- Logan Lorner
- Thomas Scott
- We do not know.
[...] we have also concluded that the kidnapped women was
- Julia Davis
- Samantha Scott
- Rose Ruden
- We do not know.
[...] what’s more, the kidnapped women was kept
- on Belle Isle.
- on Mayo Island.
- in the parking lot of the Virginia Holocaust Museum.
- We do not know where.

Additional Questions...

Delaware enters the office where you prepare your report and asks you some additional questions. “So, tell me more about that kidnapped woman. Have you determined anything unusual about her?”
- Her great-grandfather was a World War II veteran named Russell Bradley.
- Her uncle is Malcolm Petry.
- She seems to be a random victim.
- We do not know anything unusual.
“Alright. What about the sender of that package? Who was it?”
- Veteran Protections
- GetForce
- Milano Labs
- We do not know who.
“And have you noticed anything unusual about the perpetrator?”
- He limped on his left leg.
- He was of a small stature.
- He wore a red jacket.
- We do not know.

“Alright” says Delaware, visibly tired. "Let’s go through what we know and put this day to an end, shall we?”

“First of all, the perpetrator.”

“You believe it’s Walter Frey, right? Everything seems to point at him. We are still analyzing some additional evidence, but at this moment I agree with that assessment."

Delaware’s phone rings. He accepts the call and listens for a while.

“Yes, yes, thank you. I will notify my team.” He hangs up. “So… our technicians were able to track a suspect's vehicle using the city monitoring. It took them awhile, but they were able to confirm that it was a Walter Frey’s car, and that the individual from the car was seen near the Virginia Holocaust Museum.”

“Let’s move on to the kidnapped woman.”

“You were able to determine that her identity is Rose Ruden. That seems to be right. Of course I am still awaiting the confirmation from her family.”

Another phone call.

“Ok, thank you.” Delaware hangs up. “We were able to confirm beyond any doubt, that it’s Rose Ruden who was kidnapped.”

“According to your report she was being held on Belle Isle. That’s correct.”

“Alright team, let’s put this investigation to an end. We know who was abducted, we know who did it. You did a great job under the strenuous circumstances. I am glad you withstood the pressure. Just a few last things to do, and we can all finally go home.”

The lockdown is finally lifted, and although it will be necessary to explain and find out who initiated it, the most important thing is that the main perpetrator has been found. Unfortunately, just like Malcolm Petry had warned, the suspect turned out to be dangerous, and there was a shootout on the site of arrest. Walter Frey was shot dead on the spot. This crazy day finally comes to an end. It was the hardest day in Antares’ history.

Case 4 - Prince of Milan

Delaware gives you a free hand.  Use this time to your advantage and dig into the leads discovered in the previous cases.
[...] during the investigation, our team has determined the following statement to be true regarding the research team working at St. Martha’s Hospital:
- The research team achieved great success in the field of oncology.
- The research team was cooperating with Samuel Brown.
- The research team leader was Leopold Brunsch.
- We do not know which statement is true.
[...] what’s more, the following statement concerning Miranda Bradley is true:
- She is Rose Ruden’s mother.
- She is the CEO of Medical Support Foundation.
- She is the daughter of Ernest Bradley.
- All of the above statements are true.
- We do not know which statement is true.
[...] we have also concluded that the following statement concerning the Milano Labs company is true:
- It is a shell company, created to attract investigators' attention.
- It is an international corporation created by Russel Bradley.
- It is a well-known manufacturer of anti-allergic disposable tissues.
- We do not know which statement is true.


Anne Bishop enters your office and gives you some additional questions from Delaware. “The first question is ‘What is the real purpose of the GetForce company?’”
- An illicit transport of human organs.
- Manufacturing weapons.
- Building an infrastructure in third world countries.
- We do not know which statement is true.
The second question is “GetForce and Medical Support Foundation lobbied against which legislation?”
- Nuclear Waste Policy Act
- National Organ Transplant Act
- Veterans Protection Act
- We do not know which statement is true.

You send your report to Delaware. After some time, you get an email with a reply.

“I will be landing in Richmond soon, but I had some free time on the plane. I have read your report. Let me go through it.”

“Let’s start with St. Martha’s Hospital and their research team.”

“You determined that the research team was cooperating with Samuel Brown. More and more evidence points to that conclusion.”

“In fact, I was able to confirm, that both Karl Borgman and James Ferguson were cooperating with Samuel Brown on multiple occasions. I am not sure what that means, but certainly nothing good.”

“Moving on to Miranda Bradley.”

“You are right about her.”

“However, not only is she the mother of Rose Ruden, she is the CEO of Medical Support Foundation, and she is the daughter of Ernest Bradley. She certainly is more connected to this whole case than we previously thought. I should probably meet with her tomorrow.”

“Anyway, let’s discuss Milano Labs.”

“It looks like you are right. It certainly got our attention.”

“Milano Labs has little to do with Russel Bradley. It also is not a tissue manufacturer. But it is out there, always leaving us some traces. I am certain that it is a shell company created to point us to something. What that ‘something’

may be is hard to determine. The name “Nostromo” keeps coming up in this context. In fact I am almost certain that this whole Milano Labs deal, the whole shell company, was created by someone who wants to remain anonymous, but requires media attention. Someone, who would like to bring to light certain events, events from the distant past?"

“Anyway, I am glad that you have spent the last couple of days well. Your productivity and professionalism is what will let us get to the bottom of this. Get some rest. We will talk tomorrow.”

Case 5 - A Man Without a Past

Stop the murderer who has been planning a horrific crime for years.
Jenkins begins the interrogation. “First of all… Who tried to kill Delaware?”
- Miranda Bradley
- Ronald Woodward
- Karl Borgman
- Malcolm Petry
- We do not know who.
“Do you know the identity of the masked individual who was in the basement?”
- Ronald Woodward
- David Woodward
- Malcolm Petry
- Henry Brown
- We do not know.
“Do you know the identity of the other man who was in the basement?”
- Ronald Woodward
- David Woodward
- Henry Brown
- Robert Clifford
- We do not know.
“Who was that woman? The one who we also encountered in the basement?”
- Miranda Bradley
- Rebecca Danwich
- Rose Ruden
- Anne Bishop
- We do not know who.
“Do you know the exact location of the basement I’m asking you about?”
- Under the cemetery where Karl Borgman was buried.
- Under St. Martha’s Hospital.
- Under the house on 23 Cloder Road.
- None of the above.
- We do not know.


 “What secret does Malcolm Petry’s past hold?”
- He is the biological son of Kurt Blutholz, and was raised by him under the name of Johan Borgman to become the instrument of his revenge.
- He is the biological son of James Ferguson, but was adopted and raised by Kurt Blutholz under the name of Johan Borgman to become the instrument of his revenge.
- He is the biological son of Rutger Briggs and Anna Nicktorn, but was adopted and raised by Kurt Blutholz under the name of Johan Borgman to become the instrument of his revenge.
- We do not know.

“Alright.” Jenkins stops his barrage of questions. “Your story checks out, more or less. I have already interrogated all of the other individuals who were involved. With your answers, I am beginning to have a pretty good understanding of what’s going on.”

“Here is what I think happened. Many years ago, a German doctor and Nazi war criminal named Kurt Blutholz was apprehended by Col. Samuel Brown as part of Operation Paperclip . It happened on the Brenner Pass with the help of the unit in which Dawson, Nicktorn, Bradley, and Coxxon served. Blutholz was given the name of Jan Rudnicki, and began working for the US government ”

“I think that about two decades later, Brown and Bradley joined together in an illegal operation smuggling human organs. They recruited James Ferguson and created yet another fictitious identity for Kurt Blutholz - Karl Borgman. They set up a research team as a front in St. Martha Hospital. Things were very profitable, but Blutholz knew his days were numbered, so he begun to plan for the event of his death.”

“Now, there are no real records for this so it’s totally speculative, but I believe that in the intervening years, Ferguson knocked up some poor girl, probably one of his students. Blutholz helped her deliver her baby, but she died in childbirth, either as the result of a genuine accident, or by the hands of Blutholz himself. Either way, he adopted the young boy, raised him, and left him with all of his knowledge concerning Nostromo, and how they used him. He was a war criminal, and had nowhere to run to, but he plotted his own revenge from the grave. And just as he himself predicted, Blutholz ended up being murdered by Nostromo when he was no longer needed.”

“Years passed and Blutholz’s prodigy began his killing spree. He took his time. He was extremely careful. To the outside world he was nobody. He took particular care to kill all his victims on the exact same date that his ‘father’ was killed. And that brings us to the present. His last victims were to be Miranda Bradley and Ronald Woodward. Their deaths were to be the final blow to Nostromo.”

“In some weird, twisted way, you could say that he was doing our job for us.”

“Now, let me say that I am extremely proud of you, and Delaware would be too if he could be here with us. You have cracked this peculiar case against all odds. I am sure that all charges against you will be dropped and that you are going to be reinstated as Antares operatives in no time.”

“Thank you very much for your service. Now get some rest.”

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