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The Elevated of Prim

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Randal Marsh (Boit)
"I'm an artist, teacher, and game designer. Three of my favorite things are art, intellectual challenges, and spending time with family and friends. This makes board gaming a pretty obvious hobby for me. I run a gaming club at the junior high where I teach. I have a wonderful wife and three great kids. Love family." (not www)

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My Thoughts

So my thoughts were:

1) As mentioned, I am not a fan of folded maps. Instead of having a folding map, the 4 regions should be separate squares. Within each region the boundaries can still be as chaotic as desired. This then allows the following:

1a) When building the map, it can be made random each time. Build a larger square from random placement of the 4 region squares.

1b) This would allow for easier building of expansion games, maybe with regions and characters of different powers

1c) And of course the non folded map will last longer

2) As the regions could be randomly placed, the portals should be empty circles, to be filled with colored circles to be randomly placed, to give a random portal jump connection between games. (rule would not allow same colored region to be placed on its own portal)

3) The score markers should be different (maybe round) from the cube markers, just in case the board gets bumped.

4) The assassin is too powerful. It would lead to experienced players taking notes, and it destroys the desire to display melds as they will just get assassinated. I think this could easily be remedied by just having the mounted knights be the most powerful character. The assassin could still take apart the mounted knight by attacking the knight or mount in advance.

5) More copper coins should be included as we nearly ran out. Should explicitly state in the rules if running out of resources is a limit, or if proxy pieces can be used in such an event.

6) The rank icons were similar enough that I had to double check them. The Phalanx and Assassin were fine. The Knight and Mount were a little too close. The Scout and Elder I kept thinking were reversed ranks because the half-filled would seem to be the lesser rank than the full-filled icon.

7) I think the Scout and Elder should be reversed in rank, keeping their special abilities intact. I think the lesser rank should be the one that gets the privilege of starting, and as a side benefit this would also fix the icon issue I see in 6 for these too.

Just my thoughts.

All in all it was a fun game, and I am interested in backing it on Kickstarter

(oh and yes, I do understand that having the split square regions would mean having a separate score track marker map, which could be made of either the same board, or maybe a thiner board)