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Killer Bunnies

Alternate Ending

"We just play the game normally with the Magic Carrot setup as usual. At the end of the game, each carrot you own is worth 1 point (regardless of its carrot number) and the Magic Carrot is worth 3 points. We then add up the number of bunnies (1 point each) and the carrot points. That's all. This stresses keeping bunnies AND earning carrots with the Magic Carrot being a simple boost. This prevents the very very annoying problem of Player A working through the whole game to keep bunnies and carrots, ending up with, say, 3 bunnies alive and 4 carrots, while Player B has been having a good time, but hasn't even been trying to play the game well, but ends up with 1 bunny and 1 carrot which happens to be the Magic Carrot. Using my house rule, Player A would win the game." -- DenverWolf [1]