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1 Rulebook (22 pages)
1 Story Book (58 pages)
6 Mouse Hero Figures
    Collin (Leader/Warrior)
    Filch (Scamp)
    Lily (Archer)
    Maginos (Mystic)
    Nez (Tinkerer/Warrior)
    Tilda (Healer)
16 Minion Figures
    6 rats
    8 roaches
    1 centipede
    1 spider
1 Story Control Board (two parts)
8 Dual-sided Room Tiles
28 Mouse Ability Cards (S:a)
71 Search Cards (S:b)
18 Encounter Cards (S:b)
    9 Standard
    9 Difficult
6 Mouse Hero Cards (S:c)
5 Action Dice
19 Initiative Cards (S:a)
3 Sheets of die-cut counters
24 Cheese
33 Life (hearts)
5 Individual Achievement (hexagonal)
4 Charmed
4 Stunned
4 Webbed
4 Elite Rat
1 Captain Vurst
2 Mousetraps
1 Pipe
1 Brodie's Paw (round)
1 Disguises
1 Dinner Fork
2 Grape
1 Fishhook & Thread
1 Vanestra's Brush
1 Cat's Claw Horn
1 Catnip
1 Crown (round)
1 Pie (round)
1 Meeps
1 Hourglass
1 End marker



Double Special Surges

Q: If there is a Surge, then Brodie comes. And if there is a 2nd Surge, then only the Hourglass moves....right? Along those same lines, any time a 2nd Surge occurs in the same tile, the Hourglass moves but no Minions appear, correct?

A: Jerry Hawthorne (nobeerblues) - Right, and don't forget that Brodie is a cat and has no craving for cheese (any cheese he rolls are ignored). Once he is on the scene, he can help clear out roaches. The real threat in this game is the minion wheel.

Source: Multiple Special Surges - contradictory answers? | Mice and Mystics | BoardGameGeek -

Defeat and Victory conditions happening at the same time

Q: So this just happened at my chapter 2 attempt: Skitter-Clak was the last minion on the tile and Lily was already saved. The minion cheese wheel was one cheese away from being full and activating a surge and I was on the last page before the "The End" marker.

Nez rolled lucky and got 4 hits. Skitter-Clak, however, rolled no defense, but ONE CHEESE... The blow was sufficient to kill it but that one cheese would activate a surge and move the hourglass to "The End", triggering the defeat condition. At the same time, I defeated the last minion on the tile while Lily was already rescued, which was the victory condition...

So what happens first? The surge (and thus defeat) or the victory?

A: Jerry Hawthorne (nobeerblues) - This is a win.

Source: Defeat and Victory conditions happening at the same time | Mice and Mystics | BoardGameGeek -

Collin's Inspire Ability Timing

Jerry Hawthorne (game's designer):

"Inspire is used at the beginning of Collin's turn before he does anything else. He spends 2 cheese to inspire. Then he, and any other mouse that takes a turn after him until the end of the round, can spend 1 cheese to use an additional action. This could be any of the available actions, but s most commonly attacks.

Obviously, the higher on the initiative track Collin is, the more potent this ability is. "

Timing of Inspire | Mice and Mystics | BoardGameGeek -


tracking searches

to keep track of what mice have already searched succesfully and which not, we put a heart token on every mouse's initiative card, green side up. When a mouse succesfully searches a tile, we flip this mouse's heart token to the red side. [1]

Family Variants

end encounter searching

I found that the rule of "after the last mouse's turn, if there're no enemies in the tile, add a cheese to the clock" lead to this kind of meta-gaming where you keep an enemy alive while running around the tile searching. My house-rule to prevent that is that we slide a bit in the tracker the initiative card of the mouse that landed the last killing blow. This mouse now marks the end of the round. So, the rest of mice have one chance to Search the tile. when the "killer" mouse's turn comes round again, he/she has time for a full turn (usually Move to the exit and Explore). After his/her turn ends, if the group is still in a tile without enemies, then a cheese is added to the clock. [2]

Miniature Painting

Miniature Painters Guild | BoardGameGeek -




Source: Question: About Fonts -


I got the background from the rulebook -- I scanned a page that had a good amount of blank space, then cloned the blank space around the whole page to make it blank.

The font is Bouwsma Uncial, which is freely available at free font sites. The real font they use for the headers is from the Bouwsma family, but is not free. I used Adobe Casion for the small text, though this is not canon either.

Here's the Plaid Hat forum thread about the fonts:


Mice and Mystics Player Reference Card, stylized | Mice and Mystics | BoardGameGeek -



<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//" />


@import url(;

@font-face {font-family: "BouwsmaTextW01-Medium";
    src: url("");
    src: url("") format("embedded-opentype"),
    url("") format("woff2"),
    url("") format("woff"),
    url("") format("truetype"),
    url("") format("svg");

/* Bouwsma - */

* { font-family: "BouwsmaTextW01-Medium"; }


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