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Traitor Templars seem to have a lot of vital information

Traitor Templars seem to have a lot of vital information -

Q: So it seems to me that Traitor Templars are capable of, well, ruining the game. Perhaps I have missed a crucial point in the rules, so maybe someone can set me straight.

Michael Mindes:

Other people can make the same claim at the same time. In fact if all of the templars do this are the same time at the beginning, then this issue is 100% resolved.


This is also one reason that it is quick and you play the game over more than one hand.

The Grandmaster is the easiest to find and the game is enjoyable despite this fact. You just have to know and understand that it is not this long drawn out social deduction like Werewolf or Resistance.

Repeated Game Stats

"My group has played about 2 hours with 8 players (one TT). We're all longtime Avalon players with 100+ games under our belts.

After two rounds the games started like this: the TT raced to be the first to call out the grand master(GM), the templar knights and GM then also raced to call out and falsely make accusations of other grand masters. We had instant (and literal) finger pointing.

Since the TT will always identify the GM, we could deduce that anyone who didn't have a finger pointed at them was certainly not the GM. Usually we had 2 or 3 people being pointed at and thus 2 or 3 potential GMs.

In roughly 50% of the games we could beyond a shadow of a doubt deduce the archivist and GM, about 30% came down to a 50/50 guess, 20% a 33/33/33 guess." --Aaron Santos

A way to fix the 2 spy on templar side

A way to fix the 2 spy on templar side to point directly the grandmaster when the game start: [1]

Nobody is allowed to speak until the king ask 1 by 1 the templars who the grandmaster is, after that all the templars can start to speak and confuse more and the king can send the monks like normal.