Tiny Epic Defenders

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House Notes

We prefer the word "pacify" to "succor"


  • Start threat level 1 on outer regions


  • 4th action on group ally if there is a destroyed region
  • can't look in discard pile (should allow on easy)
  • group ally - if take one action, get a turn - good for life recovery in city
  • after 3 actions in a turn - may sacrifice 1 hp to get extra action immediately
  • artifacts can only be used by the person who drew them
  • dire enemies retreat threat in region they attack, if not defended
  • defend with 1 hp for enemies, or 2+ for dire enemies
  • artifacts - free action can be done anytime, even off turn
  • region ability can only be used once per ally or group ally card
  • pacify/succor a region for 1 action point per threat level - capital city is permanent (without super power)
  • fight epic foe for 1 damage per action point - must have 1+ health to attack
  • "players cannot fight with zero health" (unless artifact)
  • can't defend from capital city


Look in Discard

On easy mode, allow looking in discard pile


  • Sorcerer (elf) - 2 action reduce 3 threat
  • Avenger (valkarie) - move to dire enemy, defend for 3 health
  • Paladin (human) defend sacrifice health to restore or succor