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Coasterless CD Burning

Coasterless CD Burning

Installing Your ATAPI CDRW Drive in Linux

Accurately Reading a CD Device

Install mkisofs package:

yum install mkisofs

How to consistently read the correct number of blocks.

isoinfo -d -i /dev/cdrom

"Logical block size is: 2048" and "Volume size is: 329989"

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=image.iso bs=2048 count=329989 conv=notrunc,noerror

rawread script:


blocksize=`isoinfo -d -i $device | grep "^Logical block size is:" | cut -d " " -f 5`
if test "$blocksize" = ""; then
	echo catdevice FATAL ERROR: Blank blocksize >&2

blockcount=`isoinfo -d -i $device | grep "^Volume size is:" | cut -d " " -f 4`
if test "$blockcount" = ""; then
	echo catdevice FATAL ERROR: Blank blockcount >&2

command="dd if=$device bs=$blocksize count=$blockcount conv=notrunc,noerror"
echo "$command" >&2

rawread /dev/cdrom > myiso.iso
rawread /dev/cdrom | md5sum

Writing a CD

Burn Ubuntu ISO:

cdrecord -v -dev /dev/cdrw  ubuntu-18.04.3-server-amd64.iso

Report SCSI number of your CDRW:

cdrecord -scanbus
cdrecord dev=ATA -scanbus

Blank CDRW:

cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=10 blank=fast padsize=63s -pad -dao -v -eject

Burn the CD from the ISO:

cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=10 padsize=63s -pad -dao -v -eject myimage.iso

Proper burning:

  • Burn at the right speed
  • Pad properly (padsize=63s and -pad)
  • Use disk at once (-dao)
  • Unless your burner prevents buffer underflow, do no other work while you're burning.

Make sure the CD is properly padded

cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=10 padsize=63s -pad -dao -v -eject /home/myuid/myiso.iso

Disk at Once

This argument helps clarify to CD readers where the last block is:

cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=10 padsize=63s -pad -dao -v -eject /home/myuid/myiso.iso


To burn a CD correctly, you must take care of the following:

  • Set up your burner correctly.
  • Burn at the right speed.
  • While burning, do not perform other CPU or disk intensive work, as it will cause buffer underflow on burners without underflow protection.
  • Always pad correctly with the padsize=63s and -pad argument to cdrecord. Without excellent reason, do not defeat the -pad default of the mkisofs program.
  • Always use disk at once. In the cdrecord program, you signify disk at once (session at once) with -dao.

Testing a CD

md5sum myiso.iso
rawread /dev/cdrom | md5sum

If they match, you've burned a winner.

Verifying an ISO

rawread /dev/cdrom > myiso.iso
rawread /dev/cdrom | md5sum
md5sum myiso.iso

CD Tools

 cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrw padsize=63s -pad -dao -v -eject myimage.isoBurn ISO image
 mkisofs -J -l -r -o foo.iso /path/to/some/directoryMake ISO
 cdrecord -dev=/dev/scd0 -speed=n -dao -pad -v foo.isoBurn ISO image
 gzip < /dev/cdrom > cdrom.iso.gzSave copy of data cdrom
 mkisofs -V LABEL -r dir | gzip > cdrom.iso.gzCreate cdrom image from contents of dir
 mount -o loop cdrom.iso /mnt/dirMount the cdrom image at /mnt/dir (read only)
 cdrecord -v dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fastClear a CDRW
 gzip -dc cdrom.iso.gz | cdrecord -v dev=/dev/cdrom -Burn cdrom image (use dev=ATAPI -scanbus to confirm dev)
 cdparanoia -BRip audio tracks from CD to wav files in current dir
 cdrecord -v dev=/dev/cdrom -audio *.wavMake audio CD from all wavs in current dir (see also cdrdao)
 oggenc --tracknum='track' track.cdda.wav -o 'track.ogg'Make ogg file from wav file

Mounting ISO Images

mount -o loop -t iso9660 <isofilename> <mountpoint>
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Check if an old burned CD is still Good

CLI Magic: Is that CD still fresh?

cdck -i

Make an ISO Image

Make an ISO Image

dd if=/dev/dvd of=dvd.iso # for dvd
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.iso # for cdrom
dd if=/dev/scd0 of=cd.iso # if cdrom is scsi

ISO, CDR, and CDRW in Linux

mkisofs -RJ -o image.iso /burndirectory/ 
mkisofs -J -o image.iso /burndirectory

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=image.iso
cat /dev/cdrom >image.iso

cdrecord -v dev=3,0,0 image.iso
mkdir /mnt/isotest
mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/isotest -o loop
ls /mnt/isotest
# Setting up your system to work with cdrecord
# append="hda=ide-scsi"
cdrecord -scanbus

Command-line CD-ROM burning in Linux

mount -t iso9660 -o loop image.iso /mnt/isoimage
umount /mnt/isoimage
mkisofs -f -R -r -l -J -Vvolid  -Aappid  -Ppubid  -odest.iso  src

YoLinux Tutorial: Burning a CD or DVD

  • LOTS of details

CD-Writing HOWTO

  • Good Details

IBM: Burning CDs on Linux

  • Linux SCSI emulation adventures
cdrecord -v -tao -data speed=8 dev=/dev/hdc your_file.iso
cdrecord -dev=ATA:1,0,0 Desktop/berry-0.72.iso
cdrecord -dev=/dev/hdc Desktop/berry-0.72.iso


Linux 2.6 and the ide-scsi module

  • Do not use the ide-scsi module any more