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For those of you who have to remain on centos 5.2 for whatever reason ( i.e. don't have the option to upgrade to 5.4 or 5.3 ) here's how i managed to build pam_pwdfile on 5.2:

Build using PAM 0.77 source and pam_pwdfile-0.99.tar.gz , following the excellent instructions at

here's the relevant bits from the above URL :

bunzip2 -c Linux-PAM-0.77.tar.bz2 | tar -xvf -
cd Linux-PAM-0.77/modules
tar zxvf pam_pwdfile-0.99.tar.gz
cd ..
rm default.defs
ln -s defs/redhat.defs default.defs
make all
cp modules/pam_pwdfile-0.99/ /lib/security (or /lib64/security )

N.B. One extra step was needed before the "make all" when building on x86_64 :
add -fPIC to so it now reads :
case $OS in
linux) OS_CFLAGS=”-ansi … -pedantic -fPIC”

hope that helps someone else avoid the 5+ hours i spent on this

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