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Gun Safety BSA
March 22nd, 2011
by Merlin (NRA)

1 - point in safe direction
2 - keep finger off triger, unless ready to destroy
3 - don't load it unless you are going to shoot it

Treat it like it is loaded

Back wasll of Orem Rec Center is angled down to dirt trap

BSA rules: single shot, 1 grain per calibur, no laser tag

"Typical 11 year old has attention span of a peanut" - Merlin

Range Master - in charge


- hold fire
- cease fire

3 round burst
.223 (not .22)
M16 - auto
AR15 - sem.

Shooting sports: pistols, rifles, shotgun

Bianci cut - high speed course - max shooting

long range silet shooting

Quigly Down Under