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Understanding Scouting Archives

Understanding Scouting Archives - -

A New Scoutmaster -

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Troop Organization - The LDS Scoutmaster

Troop Organization - The LDS Scoutmaster -

I am not the leader of our troop. My SPL/Pres is. I am an advisor and he knows it.....

I have tinkered alot with how the troop is organized over the years. What I have found to work the best is to seamlessly merge the Troop and Quorum leadership.

  • Our Deacons quorum president is our Senior Patrol Leader
  • The 1st Counselor is the Patrol leader of Patrol #1
  • The 2nd Counselr is the Patrol leader of Patrol #2
  • The Secretary is the Troop Scribe, or if necessary the Patrol Leader #3

We hold Patrol Leaders Council/Deacon Pres. mtg. 2-3 times/month. Usually on a Sunday. It is run by the Pres, and covers all troop and quorum business.

SPL/Pres. Duties

  • Preside at all meetings.
  • Conduct PLC
  • Be a good example for the troop
  • Live the Scout Oath & Scout Law
  • Exercise the Keys of the Deacon Quorum President
  • Organize the troop into Patrols
  • Call Patrol Leaders
  • Make reminder phone calls to Patrol Leaders
  • Organize meetings and campouts

Pl/Counselor Duties

  • Assist the SPL/Pres in all of his duties
  • Preside/Conduct when SPL is absent
  • Be a good example for the troop
  • Live the Scout Oath & Scout Law
  • Assign a responsibility to every member of his patrol
  • Make reminder phone calls to his patrol

Scribe/Sec. Duties

  • Keep Troop Calendar
  • Keep Roll
  • Keep Minutes of meetings
  • Preside/Conduct when PL is absent
  • Be a good example for the troop
  • Live the Scout Oath & Scout Law

Quartermaster Duties

  • Keep a list of Patrol/Troop Gear
  • Help load the gear for campouts
  • Keep track of gear during camps
  • Keep gear clean and orderly

Historian Duties

  • Take photos of troop activities
  • Turn photos in to Scoutmaster

Librarian Duties

  • Keep record of Troop MB Booklets
  • Keep record of past Troop videos
  • Keep record of troop books

Chaplain Aide

  • Call on prayers
  • Lead spiritual thought or section of campfires

Philosophy - The LDS Scoutmaster

Philosophy - The LDS Scoutmaster -

Important aspects of a well functioning troop:

  • Tenure
  • Traditions
  • Continuity
  • Let the Boys Lead
  • Uniforms
  • Scout Night
  • Communication with Parents
  • Summer Camp
  • Flag Ceremonies
  • Eagle Required Merit Badges
  • Advancement
  • Backpacking
  • Campfires
  • Training

4 Ts of a Good Scout Leader

LDS Scouter: The Four T's -

"There are four things that are absolutely essential in a great Scout leader. I call them the four T's:

  1. - Testimony—that they have a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and that this Church is God's Church.
  2. - Trained—they need to be trained, not only by the Church, but as well by Boy Scouts of America within the districts and council.
  3. - Time—they need to have time to be a leader of boys.
  4. - Tenure—short tenure if they don't enjoy the work and are not willing to put in the time necessary, and long tenure if they love the young men and want to serve them with all their hearts and souls."