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  • Most Scoutmasters feel that this is truly the opportunity to get to know the Scout and help him chart his course in life.
  • A good conference should be unhurried. It helps the Scout evaluate his accomplishments and set new goals with his Scoutmaster. This can be accomplished at a troop meeting, camping trip, or in the Scout's home.
  • Goal setting by the Scout makes it possible for the Scoutmaster to help the Scout with his weaknesses and encourage him to use his strengths.

"The requirements for advancement is that the Scout participates in a Scoutmaster Conference, not that he "passes" the conference. When advancement is going to be deferred, the Scout should not come to the Scoutmaster conference thinking that everything is OK and then be surprised that his advancement is deferred. He should have had plenty of warning and guidance prior to the Scoutmaster conference. This is not the time to shut the door on advancement, but rather to work with the Scout to create goals that will allow him to succeed. "

  • The Scoutmaster conference is neither an interrogation nor a retesting of a Scout's competence. It should be an informal conversation between Scout and Scoutmaster either toward a certain goal or as a requirement for advancement. In either case, open-ended questions are good to prompt the Scout's comments. Encourage him to come to conclusions on his own; don't simply tell him what you think.
  • A Scoutmaster conference is simply a chance to talk to a Scout about how he is doing, how he feels about the troop and his role in it, how he is advancing, and how he is striving to live up to Scouting's ideals. Consequently, a Scoutmaster conference can take place anytime and for any reason.

Some reasons to have a Scoutmaster conference may include:

  • A Scout's lack of advancement
  • A perceived trouble between the Scout and others in the troop
  • A certain event at the last campout or troop meeting

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