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  • CM11A - Serial
  • CM15A - USB

Use heyu to control the controller


See heyu


Appliance Modules

X10 AM466 Appliance Module, 3-Prong (~$18) - http://amzn.com/B00022OCBO

X10 AM486 Appliance Module, 2-Prong (~$17) - http://amzn.com/B001L6VHUE

Appliance Modules - Modules - X10 PRO - http://www.x10.com/x10-pro/modules/appliance-modules.html

X10 AM486 X10 Appliance Module - Smarthome - http://www.smarthome.com/2001/X10-AM486-X10-Appliance-Module/p.aspx

Lamp Module

X10 Powerhouse LM465 Lamp Module, 2-Prong (~$18) - http://amzn.com/B00022OCCI

Motion Sensor

X10 Active-Eye Motion Sensor ($19) - http://amzn.com/B000NJBRNW

X10 TM751 Wireless Transceiver Module (~$20) - http://amzn.com/B000BT7XUK

Remote Control

Keychain Remote for 2 Devices w/ Bright & Dim Buttons ($15) - http://amzn.com/B0011YME9O

X10 TM751 Wireless Transceiver Module (~$20) - http://amzn.com/B000BT7XUK

NOVA Effect

The NOVA Effect

One thing that will irritate you is that IF you turn OFF one of these lamp modules, and then issue a DIM or BRI command, it will first turn full ON, and then attempt to dim. This is commonly nick-named the "Nova Effect", because it almost always happens late night when you least expect it.

There is a good electrical explanation why the modules were designed to do this, but it's best thought of when you consider the fact that most household fans have switches that turn on high before switching to a lower speed.

About Lamp Modules - http://www.shed.com/tutor/justlites.html


Has local control. This means that you can turn on (without a remote) the device plugged into the module simply by turning the devices' own power switch on, off, and then on again. [1]

Socket - http://www.ebay.com/itm/X10-Super-Socket-SR227-Wall-Receptacle-Outlet-Module-BRAND-NEW-/291006817486?pt=Home_Automation_Modules&hash=item43c15ba4ce

CFL should generally not be used with dimmers, unless marked as such.

X10 Pro PLM01 Soft Start Plug in Lamp Module Brand New Pro Version of The LM465 | eBay - $20 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/X10-PRO-PLM01-Soft-Start-Plug-in-Lamp-Module-BRAND-NEW-PRO-version-of-the-LM465-/291018425327?pt=Home_Automation_Modules&hash=item43c20cc3ef